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Your child will have a

positive experience

Dental care recommendations

Some of our pediatric dental

services include:

Dr. Rockland Ray and his staff have been especially trained  to help young, apprehensive children feel good about seeing the dentist and taking care of their teeth.


Dr. Rocky provides a comprehensive oral

exam, cleaning, x-ray (when an appropriate

age) and fluoride treatments. You will also

learn about home hygiene care, oral habits,

diet and growth and development of your child.

The American Academy of Pediatrics

recommends that children be evaluated by

a dental health professional by age 1. By

the age of 4, forty percent of children will

have dental decay.


We always encourage parents to come to

each visit with their child. There will always

be time at each visit for you to ask

questions and address your concerns.

• Composite fillings

• Crowns

• Pulpotomy

• Nitrous Oxide sedation

• Extractions

• Space maintainers

• Panoramic x-rays

• Sealants

Choose the right dentist

It is important that the child has a positive and rewarding experience at their dental appointment

to set a positive foundation for future appointments. When your child trusts the doctor prior to the appointment so that it will be easier to provide an overall positive experience for the child but also

the dentist, and you, the parent.

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